Monday, December 2, 2019

FM Rock: August 1970

James Gang - Funk #49
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Up Around The Bend
Randy Newman - Gone Dead Train
Thunderclap Newman - Look Around
The Beatles - Two Of Us
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Carry On
Traffic - Freedom Rider
Beach Boys - Slip On Through
Quicksilver - Fresh Air
Black Sabbath - The Wizard
Uriah Heep - Gypsy
Josefus - Crazy Man
Stone The Crows - Raining In Your Heart
Spooky Tooth - I Am The Walrus
Groundhogs - Eccentric Man
Mothers Of Invention - My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
Illusion - If It's So
Tim Buckley - Lorca
Iron Butterfly - Easy Rider (Let The Wind Pay The Way)
Eric Clapton - After Midnight
Grateful Dead - Casey Jones
The Band - Stage Fright
Grinder's Switch - Sister Divine
Shiva's Headband - My Baby
Al Kooper - Buckskin Boy
Gypsy - Dead And Gone
The Moody Blues - It's Up To You
Love Sculpture - In The Land Of The Few
Poco - Hurry Up
Mother Earth - Take Me In Your Arms, Rock Me A Little While
Free - Fire And Water
Deep Purple - Child In Time
Parish Hall - My Eyes Are Getting Heavy
Attila - Holy Moses
The Nice - One Of Those People
King Crimson - Cat Food
Joni Mitchell - Woodstock
Elton John - Your Song
Bob Dylan - Early Morning Rain
Joe Cocker - The Letter
Three Dog Night - It Ain't Easy

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