Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Narrowcast 8

It has been a hectic seven days. Hurricane Irma threatened much of my home state and though my area was not in its path, we did host many evacuees and that meant extended work hours for me. Exhausting, but it was the most rewarding week I've had at my job - it is always a humbling honor to help my fellow Floridians in times of crisis, even if in minor ways like relieving stress, being a sounding board for their anxieties and more crucual things like feeding and sheltering them. We also hosted FEMA drivers and power linemen going in and out of the storm's path, these men are heroes in my estimation, for sure. So, I've not been able to do any preparatory work on the FM Rock or Jukebox series mixes... they will resume shortly, however, here's another of the personal little mixes I make for myself and my commute to and from work - songs that have been going through my head lately, something to personally document this specific moment in time for me but really just a bunch of songs I love. Much appreciation to the great shows on mixcloud in my listening queue made by the best curators on the planet: seventyfive, Mick Capewell, Diagonals, Sonny Lee, The Secret Rock Show, Johnny Switchblade, Captain Maniac... look these cats up on mixcloud, you won't regret it, line their shows up in your player and you'll have the best radio station in the universe! 

  • 1Introduction & Theme/Night Lifeby Ray Price
  • 2I Ain't Gittin' Rid O' Youby Johnny Seaton
  • 3Whispering Pinesby The Band
  • 4Throw Back The Little Onesby Steely Dan
  • 5These Dreamsby Jim Croce
  • 6I Bred Quarter Horsesby Scott Trusty
  • 7Good Boyby Legend
  • 8Katie & Meby Bill Fay
  • 9Blown Awayby Jeff Lynne
  • 10Rick Rackby The Humblebums
  • 11Too Much Rainby Paul McCartney
  • 12Ode To Joyby Joe Jackson
  • 13Morning Moodby Duke Ellington
  • 14Dimeby Willie Colon & Ruben Blades
  • 15Phone Homeby Jonny Chingas

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like you've done some incredibly important work out there, Mark! And how fitting that you should commemorate it with the music you love and share these songs with the world. These Narrowcasts of yours are always unique and I love the way they remind me of the mixtapes of yore that we all used to make, for ourselves or our loved ones, in order to capture special moments and feelings that only music seems to be able to convey. This particular one feels in turn uplifting, empowering, moving, soothing and hopeful, and it offers some glimpses of the actual situations you must have dealt with: "Blown Away", "Too Much Rain", obviously, but others more subtly too - the passing of night, the breaking of dawn (with "Ode To Joy" and that beautiful adaptation of Grieg's "Morning Mood"). And maybe a nod to Florida's hispanic heritage with Blades' cheery but bittersweet salsa. "Phone Home" is a very poignant ending to a beautiful and meaningful hour of music. Thank you for that, and thank you very much for the endorsement of my shows in your introduction. I'm extremely flattered!