Sunday, May 7, 2017

Narrowcast 3

Tonto Doesn't Mind

Weird, off-the-cuff, quickly selected and mixed live (a couple of segues I'd redo, but.... Narrowcast mixes will generally be presented "as is") - but lots of my all-time favorites are here, especially the horn arrangement on "Primrose Hill" by Madness which is sublime with its wonderfully melancholy colors and tones. Bit of a zolo vibe in this one too - there's a zolo mix series inside of me waiting to bust out. First things first though.

  • 1 As A Wife Has A Cow by Karin Krog
  • 2 Elastic Rock by Nucleus
  • 3 36 Inches High by Nick Lowe
  • 4 Had A Nice Night by Clive Langer & The Boxes
  • 5 Judy Teen by Cockney Rebel
  • 6 Ha (Ho) by Lothar & The Hand People
  • 7 Freud Fish by Jigsaw
  • 8 Clockwork Creep by 10cc
  • 9 Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric) by Bill Nelson's Red Noise
  • 10 The Lone Ranger by Quantum Leap
  • 11 Suit Fugue (Dance Of The A&R Men) by Kevin Gilbert
  • 12 Nice 'N' Sleazy by Stranglers
  • 13 Praying Hands by Devo
  • 14 Giant For A Day by Gentle Giant
  • 15 Stranger Than The Stranger On The Shore by Squeeze
  • 16 Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over) by Elvis Costello
  • 17 Thieves In The Choir by Asylum Choir
  • 18 Introduction by Gracious
  • 19 Primrose Hill by Madness

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