Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Narrowcast 2

Feel Like You've Never Felt Once More

A bit of psych pop old and new, a bit of gentle hypnotic rhythm, a bit of weirdness. I have to say, the Paul McCartney track "Secret Friend" is in my all time top 10, for sure - I'm a huge McCartney fan, but that track in particular, from the b-side of the "Temporary Secretary" 12 inch, has always held big appeal to me - so languid and sublime.

  • 1 Let X = X by Laurie Anderson
  • 2 Marimba Song by Laika
  • 3 Mon Autre by Juniore
  • 4 Cosmic Ballad by Perrey-Kingsley
  • 5 Pack Yr Romantic Mind by Stereolab
  • 6 Sleepy Hollow People by The Paper Fortress
  • 7 Psyche I & Share Your Water by These Trails
  • 8 All Join In by Temples
  • 9 Girl On The Corner by Focal Point
  • 10 In The Beechwoods by Pink Floyd
  • 11 Secret Friend by Paul McCartney
  • 12 Films by Gary Numan
  • 13 Marianne by Mega Bog
  • 14 Detective Mindhorn by Robyn Hitchcock
  • 15 Never Believe It's Not So by Mark Robinson

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