Monday, June 12, 2017

FM Rock: November 1967

One of the hallmarks of early underground radio is song length - and this month's mix features several very long tracks. The Chambers Brothers LP version of "Time Has Come Today" was still a classic rock radio favorite well into the 1980's (although it seems to have fallen off modern day classic rock playlists and if they do play it, you'll usually hear the edited single version). "Wind" by Circus Maximus is another great one although it really only got regional airplay, heavily in the Boston market but also a fair number of spins in the New York City market. The grandaddy of long album tracks though was a major underground hit this month in '67... Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" clocking in at over 18 minutes and it is still a Thanksgiving day tradition currently on many radio stations across America to play it in its entirety. The album, despite having no singles released to consumers (a promotional single for "The Motorcycle Song" was, however, serviced to radio stations), was a smash success, peaking in the top 20 and staying in the charts for an extended period of time, almost completely due to the popularity of the track included in this mix. The track even spawned a 1969 movie based on the song's story. In the 70's, Arlo had a top 40 hit with "The City Of New Orleans" and sometimes get classified as a one-hit wonder because of that, but "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" was just as much of a hit... it just wasn't on a 45.

  • 1 Expo 2000 by Chocolate Watch Band
  • 2 Love Me Two Times by The Doors
  • 3 Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • 4 Pale Dream by The Druids Of Stonehenge
  • 5 Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream
  • 6 Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) by The First Edition
  • 7 Turn On A Friend by Peanut Butter Conspiracy
  • 8 Happy Times by The Box Tops
  • 9 Time Has Come Today by The Chambers Brothers
  • 10 The Gardener by Sky Saxon Blues Band
  • 11 Stormy Monday Blues by The Candymen
  • 12 Astrologically Incompatible by Bonniwell Music Machine
  • 13 She Lives In (A Time Of Her Own) by 13th Floor Elevators
  • 14 In Another Land by Bill Wyman
  • 15 The Other Sidewalk by Superfine Dandelion
  • 16 Watch Her Ride by Jefferson Airplane
  • 17 I Found Out by Kaleidoscope
  • 18 Drop Out! by Pearls Before Swine
  • 19 Wind by Circus Maximus
  • 20 First Girl I Loved by Incredible String Band
  • 21 Janis by Country Joe & The Fish
  • 22 Wear Your Love Like Heaven by Donovan
  • 23 I Am The Walrus by The Beatles
  • 24 The Crucifixion by Phil Ochs
  • 25 In The Arena by West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
  • 26 Kyrie Eleison by The Electric Prunes
  • 27 Alice's Restaurant Massacre by Arlo Guthrie

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