Monday, July 10, 2017

FM Rock: March 1968

March '68 finds more radio stations seeing the ratings other stations around the nation are pulling in and deciding to dip their toes in the progressive rock waters - even if they're not a pop station to begin with! WOL-FM in Washington, D.C. is a jazz/r&b station but on March 24th debuted a six hour show on Sunday nights from 6pm to midnight featuring exclusively rock music in the progressive format. Likewise, WAMO-FM in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a station that plays r&b around the clock, except between the hours of 9pm and 10pm which is when they feature progressive rock programming. It has been so successful for the Pittsburgh station that they are farming this hour long programming out to their sister stations in Buffalo (WUFO) and Boston (WILD). WIXY-FM in Cleveland now has a regular Sunday night show hosted by Doc Nemo called "Nemo's Nook". WMOH in Hamilton, Ohio now has two four hour shows a week (on Thursdays and Sundays) called "Strange Brew". In Wichita, Kansas, 30,000 watt KFH-FM is upgrading their mono facilities in order to broadcast in stereo and expand their progressive rock progamming, currently at one LP cut for every 2 pop singles, to 24-hour progressive rock.

And the musicians are keeping up pace with new releases to fill the ever increasing hours of rock programming. New and exciting releases from artists like Dr. John, The United States Of America, Autosalvage, Bohemian Vendetta are filling the new release racks at records stores, and importantly artists like The Moody Blues are making a splash by creating their albums as full listening experiences and not just a grouping of disparate songs thrown together. Indeed, the "hippie" scene is taking root.

  • 1 The Garden Of Earthly Delights by The United States Of America
  • 2 I Wanna Touch Your Heart by Bohemian Vendetta
  • 3 Heaven Is In Your Mind by Traffic
  • 4 I Walk On Guilded Splinters by Dr. John
  • 5 Afternoon: Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)/Time To Get Away by The Moody Blues
  • 6 Wings Of Love by Nirvana
  • 7 Power Of Love by The Hour Glass
  • 8 The Garden Is Open by The Fugs
  • 9 Change Is Now by The Byrds
  • 10 Dear Landlord by Bob Dylan
  • 11 Auto Salvage by Autosalvage
  • 12 Thing In E by The Savage Resurrection
  • 13 Doctor Please by Blue Cheer
  • 14 Amphetamine Annie by Canned Heat
  • 15 Rosie by Alexander's Timeless Bloozband
  • 16 Greasy Heart by Jefferson Airplane
  • 17 Killing Floor by Electric Flag
  • 18 I Can't Quit Her by Blood, Sweat & Tears
  • 19 Topanga Windows by Spirit
  • 20 The Red Telephone by Love
  • 21 Dreams And Images by Arthur
  • 22 We're Going Wrong by Cream
  • 23 Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • 24 Luxury Liner by International Submarine Band
  • 25 Sookie Sookie by Steppenwolf
  • 26 Trip To The Zoo by The Tangerine Zoo
  • 27 Let's Make The Water Turn Black by The Mothers Of Invention
  • 28 Empires Of The Sun by Hapshash & The Coloured Coat

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