Monday, June 5, 2017

Narrowcast 6

Now that's what I call Zolo. Further indications that I have a zolo series inside of me ready to bust out as this mix is almost 100% zolo. What is zolo, you ask? Well, it's a genre that is triangulated somewhere between prog/art rock, new wave and circus music. It's weird and angular and somewhat difficult to describe, but once you hear it, you know what it is. And, for some of us, once we know what it is, it's difficult to not hear it everywhere as if it has been under our noises this whole time without anyone informing us. If you're that person who likes that one out-of-place weird track better than the rest of an otherwise normal album, you might be a zolo fan and just not know it yet. This music, this genre, this mix = not for the faint of heart. You've been warned. Also, perhaps in zolo fashion, this mix veers off at the end into a strangely specific radio-theatre area, for which I offer no good reason why. Again, you've been warned. :)

  • 1 Jibber And Twitch by Cardiacs
  • 2 Willow Farm by Genesis
  • 3 A Visit To Newport Hospital by Egg
  • 4 Desmonto Sua Cabeça by Kiko Dinucci
  • 5 Angoulême by Metá Metá
  • 6 March Of Greed by Pere Ubu
  • 7 There's A Forest by Jack Bruce
  • 8 You'll Have To Go Sideways by Soft Boys
  • 9 Don't Come Back by Pearl Harbor & The Explosions
  • 10 Zoo (The Human Zoo) by Commodores
  • 11 Kids Are Little People by Lothar And The Hand People
  • 12 Strangers From The Sky by Kim Fowley
  • 13 Cobwebs And Strange by The Who
  • 14 Little Girl Lost-And-Found by The Garden Club
  • 15 Heaven, Hell Or Houston by ZZ Top
  • 16 Strange But False by Travesty, Ltd.
  • 17 No Anchovies Please by J. Geils Band
  • 18 Psycho Drama by Rupert Holmes

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